Wine Director Olivier Flosse of MARC Restaurants - Biography

New York, NY

July 2012

Born and raised in Marseille, France, Olivier Flosse started his training at a young age, earning the coveted Diploma-Universitaire d’Aptitude à la Degustation à Bordeaux, the most prestigious wine diploma in Europe. In traditional European fashion, Flosse worked first as an apprentice, often clocking 12-hour days, but his dedication paid off. Flosse first came to New York in 1999 after being hired as the assistant to the talented Jean-Luc Le Du at Restaurant Daniel. Flosse was later wine director and sommelier at sister restaurant Café Boulud, where he oversaw a cellar of 10,000 bottles.

Now the corporate wine and beverage director for the Marlon Abela Restaurant Corporation (MARC) US, Flosse offers a wealth of experience learned in France, the United Kingdom, and New York City. In this position, he is responsible for A Voce’s award-winning wine collection, as well the growth of the already impressive wine program at MARC’s Morello Bistro, in Greenwich, Connecticut, and Boston’s Bistro du Midi. In addition to training the restaurants’ floor staff and overseeing wine and spirit purchasing, Flosse also will manage the development of wine programs at future MARC restaurants in the United States.

Flosse maintains a simple goal: to ensure his guests’ happiness and enjoyment of their total dining experience, and he does it by with a diverse wine list, an educated staff, and a cohesive restaurant team. While he might retire behind the scenes, Flosse is always present during service, interacting with guests to learn their palates and expand their wine experience, and his own expertise.