Mixologist Nick Detrich of Cane and Table - Biography

New Orleans, LA

January 2016

It took a while for Nick Detrich to welcome rum into his life. First, he had to go through adolescence and achieve legal drinking status. Then there was the matter of becoming a bartender. But once Detrich discovered rum—with the help of a couple New Orleans tiki mentors—the rest was history. He was going to change the way the Crescent City drinks. 

As a college student, Detrich worked at a vast number of restaurant-bars in Bloomington, Indiana. He then moved to New Orleans with the express purpose of immersing himself in its food and drink culture and ply his trade among the leaders of the cocktail world.

After some colorful nights working at lesser esteemed spots, Detrich began apprenticing for Kirk Estopinal, becoming fully immersed in the influential Cure family and eventually becoming bar manager. When Cure opened Bellocq, Detrich was asked to be on the opening team, and he was consequently named head bartender of Perestroika at Pravda. All the while, Detrich was nursing a deeper and deeper appreciation for rum. After two super successful rum pop-ups, he was ready to open Cane & Table. There, in the heart of the French quarterm Detrich explores rum’s impact on drinking culture in the Americas. In 2015, Cane & Table was a James Beard semi-finalist for “Outstanding Bar Program.”