Rising Star Mixologist Natasha David of Nitecap - Biography

New York, NY

October 2018

Natasha David was born in Germany and grew up in an eclectic household with musician parents who had her globetrotting from one opera house to another. By 18, and with a clear creative bent of her own, David was more than equipped to handle the fast-paced cultural hub of New York City. Enrolling at New York University to pursue a theater degree, David supported herself with a job at an Irish pub. What seemed like a fairly unglamorous situation was a minirevelation for David, who began working behind the bar less as a means to an end than an end in itself.

David didn’t stay pub-side for long. Talented and ambitious, she was the assistant general manager and bar manager at The Corner Shop CafĂ© in Noho by her senior year. From the opening staff at Woodson & Ford (where she worked with Lynnette Marrero and Jim Kearns), David went on to mix Italian at Maialino and Pulino’s, Scandinavian at Vandaag, absinthe-happy at Maison Premiere, and just happy at Prime Meats. She also has worked with Brian Miller at Diageo’s New York headquarters and taught bartending classes at Haven’s Kitchen. Following a successful stint at Demi Monde, David partnered with Alex Day’s Proprietors LLC to open rowdy, unassuming Nitecap on the Lower East Side. In 2015, David earned a StarChefs Rising Stars Award and founded the consulting company You & Me Cocktails with her husband, Bartender Jeremy Oertel.