Mixologist Naren Young of ForkAndShaker.com - Biography

New York, NY

August 2011

With a little bit of cocktail inspiration courtesy of Tom Cruise (no joke), Naren Young started studying classic cocktails at the tender age of 16—which is even two years shy of his native Australia’s generous drinking age. But Young wasn’t diving into drink with teenage rebellion. Since taking his first dram of the industry, he’s built a near 20-year, globe-spanning, and multifaceted hospitality career.

Young’s native and varied skills have taken him around the world, from training bartenders and consulting in Singapore, Argentina, Germany, Brazil, and New Zealand (and of course his Ozzie homeland) to tending bar at some of the world’s finest cocktail establishments in Sydney, most notably the iconic Bayswater Brasserie at the height of its success, as well as bars and restaurants in London and New York, where Young was most recently behind the bar of The Dutch.

Young is also a widely published food and drinks journalist. He was nominated again this year as one of the top four drinks writers in the world at the prestigious Tales of the Cocktail Awards in New Orleans. He is often quoted in the media and has made many appearances on television both in Australia and the United States, working with the likes of Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse, the Food Network, and NBC. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, where he continues to stay up way too late drinking Negronis, Guinness, and high-end tequilas (another of his great passions), and overseeing his website, ForkAndShaker.com