Rising Star Restaurateur Nancy Batista-Caswell of Caswell Restaurant Group - Biography

Newburyport, MA

March 2014

It would be easy to be envious of Nancy Batista-Caswell—if she didn’t work so damn hard for her success or give back so much. Batista-Caswell is among the lucky few who found her calling early-on, heading through the culinary management track of Johnson & Wales with the lifelong goal of becoming the self-styled restaurateur she is today.

It didn’t hurt that Batista-Caswell was brought up in a food-centric Portuguese family, or that she got her first operations training under acclaimed restaurateur Chris Schlesinger. She also happens to have a natural flare for business, which has garnered her national attention as the managing director and proprietor of Newburyport’s Caswell Restaurant Group and its award-winning restaurants Ceia Kitchen + Bar and Brine.

Batista-Caswell’s approach is meticulous, holistic, and harmonious—in everything from design and aesthetic to permit compliance, as well as in her community involvement, civic mindedness, and charitable engagements. A devoted oenophile, and hands-on advocate for her industry, Batista-Caswell is making Coastal New England a better place to live, work, drink, and eat, and for her work she was names a 2014 StarChefs.com Coastal New England Rising Star.