Chef Nakul and Arjun Mahendro of Badmaash - Biography

Los Angeles, CA

October 2016

Nakul and Arjun Mahendro grew up in a humble Indian home in Canada, raised by their father, Chef Pawan Mahendro, and mother, a restaurant accountant. In their formative years, the brothers were coached by their father, a pioneer of Indian cuisine in Toronto, to pour wine label-out, serve from the left, and flip the perfect omelet. When Nakul turned 14, he started bussing tables. A few years later, Arjun followed suit.

Nakul went on to graduate from the Ted Roger’s School of Management’s hospitality and tourism program at Ryerson University. Arjun attended Wilfrid Laurier University for business and George Brown College for marketing. Partnering with their father in 2010, the Mahendro clan moved to Los Angeles to work on a restaurant of the brothers’ conception. Badmassh opened its doors in Spring 2013 in Downtown L.A. Contemporary and colorful in both atmosphere and cuisine, Badmassh offers traditional Indian dishes alongside modern Indian fare, such as chicken tikka poutine.

Harnessing the success of Badmassh, Nakul and Arjun hope to change the way people think about Indian food and Indian people in America, aiming to break negative stereotypes and be entrepreneurial role models for the Indian community. Through their collaborations with The Hundreds, Munchies, Hypebeast, and their new podcast the “Super Amazing Restaurant Show” with Chef Alvin Cailan, Nakul and Arjun are making Indian food a part of the culinary and pop-cultural conversation.