Mixologist Nacho Jimenez of The Daily - Biography

New York, NY

September 2015

Bartender Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Jamenez has been part of the hospitality business for the past 13 years, a journey that started from the bottom and ended up at the top. Nacho has held nearly every front-of-house t position from backwaiter, host, runner, sommelier assistant, waiter, barback and finally bartender. This breadth of work experience is also reflected in the range of venues Jimenez has journeyed through, from small neighborhood restaurants, dive bars, and even Michelin starred restaurants. Such reach and range has given Jimenez the unique, uncanny ability to view the industry from many different perspectives.

Jimenez began bartending at New York’s Madam Geneva, where he was first introduced to the craft of the cocktail in fast paced environment.  After a year and half, he extended the opportunity to bartend at Saxon and Parol, where Naren Young and Linden Pride took him under their arms and showed him many other different aspects of the role as bartender. Naren taught Jimenez knowledge and appreciation for spirits, fresh produce, technique and his creativity grew. Linden taught him the meaning of the word hospitality, redefining for Jimenez the role of a bartender. These lessons eventually took Jimenez to the The Daily where he has been foreseeing the bar for the past three years.