Writer Mitchell Davis - Biography


Vice President of The James Beard Foundation is no easy job to come by, but Mitchell Davis has earned his stripes (culinary, editorial, and managerial), with enough credentials to save for a rainy day. Already graduate of Cornell University’s renowned School of Hotel Administration, Davis further pumped up his food-savvy with a Ph.D. in Food Studies from New York University. Like any responsible student, Davis took a two-year break in between to cook and eat in France and Italy. After all, what’s a degree without life experience? Davis’s yearnings just happened to tend in the direction of the professional kitchen.

If those two years seem like an indulgence, Davis has more than made up for it with a prolific career in food journalism, cookbook authorship, education, and beyond. Besides his regular contributions to media heavy-hitters like GQ, Food & Wine, and The Art of Eating, Davis has penned a few cookbooks of his own. His most recent, Kitchen Sense, was published in 2006, preceded by The Mensch Chef in 2002, and the culinary call-to-arms Cook Something in 1997. Davis was also (and quite enviably) coauthor of Foie Gras…A Passion, with Michael Ginor in 2000, which won the International Cookbook Review’s Prix la Mazille for Best International Cookbook of the Year. With authority like this under his belt, Davis is a welcome and frequent guest lecturer and has even taught at both of his alma maters.