Pastry Chef Mindy Segal of Mindy's Edibles - Biography

Chicago, IL

September 2016

Mindy Segal refined her skills as pastry chef in some of the most prestigious kitchens in the country, with early professional positions stationing her at Spago, Gordon, Charlie Trotter’s, Ambria, and MK. Her Chicago restaurant, HotChocolate is the culmination of nearly 30 years of dedication to her craft and the passion she has for the entire hospitality experience. Despite Segal’s masterful technique,  her desserts don’t come off as meticulous, manufactured, or precious, but rather as heartfelt dishes rooted in Midwestern wholesomeness.

Segal was awarded the James Beard Foundation’s “Outstanding Pastry Chef” award in 2016, after five previous nominations. More recently, Segal appeared on “The Today Show,” “The Martha Stewart Show,” The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, and First Look. Her work has been featured in O Magazine, GQ, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, Bon Appétit, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. Her first book, Cookie Love, was published in 2015.

Now, Segal is taking her pastry prowess to a relatively new industry—marijuana edibles. Through a partnership with Cresco Labs (Illinois’ largest cannabis cultivator) Segal is using a new technique to change the edible landscape. She’s using pure cannabis oil extracted via fractional distillation—a process that extracts 100 percent of the terpene out of the cannabis so that there is no trace flavor of cannabis—and her trademark balance of hot and cold, crispy and smooth, and salty and sweet to change the way we eat, medicate, and play.