Chef Miles Thompson of Michael's Santa Monica - Biography

Santa Monica, CA

August 2017

Miles Thompson has been cooking for as long as he can remember, starting alongside his parents and getting his first kitchen job as a 13 year old. At the party of a family friend, Thompson was taken aback by the food—the salt levels, the acids—opening his mind to the world beyond home cooking. Thompson asked the caterer, Charlotte Berwind, for a job, and she put him to work washing dishes. After two years, he graduated to the line and catered parties and weddings for the next four years.

Making a big move west, Thompson came to Los Angeles to act, but what he got was a job on the line at Nobu working with Chef Alex Becker, from whom he learned patience and how to focus under pressure. He then joined the kitchen crews at Animal and Son of a Gun. When the desire to express his own culinary vision became too much, Thompson started a “residency” at Bill Didonna and Charles Kelly’s Allston Yacht Club, which led to them backing his first restaurant, Allumette. There, Thompson has a clear mission: to be a true California chef and restaurant, one that celebrates sustainability and the products and people that make his work possible. His work has earned him a 2014 StarChefs Rising Star Sustainability Award. After a brief stint at The Shed in Napa, he returned to Los Angeles to helm the kitchen of Michael's restaurant in Santa Monica, revitalizing the age-old institution.