Chef Miles Landrem of Johnny Sánchez - Biography

New Orleans, LA

January 2016

Miles Landrem was born and raised in New Orleans, where culinary culture is vibrant and diverse, but where authentic Mexican food lacks a serious presence. Not that that stopped Landrem from taking a job at a fast food Mexican joint. The restaurant was Taco Tico, where 15-year-old Landrem worked for two summers. By the time he was headed for Ole Miss, Landrem hadn’t found Mexican inspiration, but he was comfortable with cooking as a side gig. Working at a restaurant during college, Landrem went from dishwasher to kitchen manager.

In 2008, Landrem decided to take his culinary experience north and got a degree from the International Culinary Center in New York to bolster his résumé. Moving back home, Landrem found a place in the empire of one of New Orleans’ great mentors: John Besh. At August, he worked is way up the ranks to executive sous chef, assisted Besh with his Cooking from the Heart cookbook, and appeared with him on his TV show, “John Besh’s Family Table.” Landrem accompanied Besh and Aarón Sánchez to Besh’s hunting camp in Alabama, where he was formally reintroduced to Mexican food—and the inspiration for a restaurant was born. Landrem spent a summer in Mexico, working at Pujol and eating his way around the country, before launching Johnny Sánchez in Baltimore and then New Orleans. Having come full circle, Landrem is at the fore of New Orleans-Mexican cuisine.