Rising Star Chef Mike Wiley of Eventide Oyster Co. - Biography

Portland, ME

March 2014

Originally from Portland, Maine, Michael Wiley is a born and bred New Englander, growing up in Williamstown, Massachusetts and Hanover, New Hampshire. He credits his mother for first getting him interested in cooking. Together they cooked, simply. But eating out was always a big deal. Wiley and his brother were rewarded for good grades with a dinner out. Jesse's Steakhouse and Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse were favorites.

His first industry job was as a busboy at the Daniel Webster Room at the Hanover Inn. He was skinny and the plates were gold lined. Wiley went home everyday with an incredible backache. But it was his first taste of fine-dining and he was a sponge, Zen-ing out while folding napkins.   

Later, he staged (while writing a master’s thesis) at Black Cat in Boulder under Eric Skokan, who eventually hired him as sous chef. It turned out to be one of the most formative experiences of his career. Today, At Hugo’s and Eventide Oyster Co., Wiley has partnered with Chef Andrew Taylor to make statement, a modern conceit of the classic oyster bar, and a dining institution in Portland. And for their work, the duo earned a 2014 StarChefs.com Rising Star Chef Award.