Michele Buster of Forever Cheese - Biography

Long Island City, NY

July 2012

For some people in the world of food, it isn’t about composing a dish or a cocktail, or overseeing a balanced wine list. For some people it’s just about one thing, one treasure amidst the trove of food and drink products. For Michele Buster, that one thing is cheese.

Buster has imported cheese for more than 15 years, all the while cultivating expertise in specialty foods of the Mediterranean. Like most people who fall hard for cheese, Buster fed her passion with firsthand experience, living abroad in Italy and Spain, tasting their rich varieties of cheeses and observing local artisanship with her own eyes. As any good traveler does, Buster built her career on bringing home the treasures she’d tasted abroad. And over the past decade, she has been instrumental in shaping the emergence of European products in the American marketplace. She’s done this noble work alongside partner-formed Forever Cheese, which focuses on cheeses and specialty products from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia.

As passionate as ever, Buster spends a good deal of her time sourcing products in Europe, traveling across the United States, and conducting classes and tastings for specialty stores and restaurants. Buster was recently inducted into the prestigious Guilde International des Fromagers. She also was given an award in Murcia, Spain, for being the person who most stimulated the agronomy of the region. In an era where regional and local flavors are at the forefront, Buster is the kind of passionate champion every product needs.