Rising Star Pastry Chef Michael Daly of Four Seasons Hotel Boston - Biography

Boston, MA

March 2015

Originally from Hamden, Connecticut, Michael Daly found cooking as a solution to the long-term problem of adolescence: he was getting in trouble constantly, having issues with day-to-day school work and books. But Daly came from a family that cooked, with a mother and sister who both excelled at baking. One place that he really felt at home and excelled was the kitchen.

Daly attended culinary school, earned an associates degree, and immediately got cooking—on the savory side at first. At Copper Beach Inn, Daly met mentors Tyler Anderson and Tommy Juliano before moving on to Lumière. But Daly found himself drawn to the exactitude, the processes, and sublimely observable results yielded in the pastry kitchen. Looking to definitively shift his career, Daly undertook rigorous stages at restaurants such as L2O in Chicago and Dovetail in New York City.

Landing in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and ready to work, Daly took a position as the pastry chef at Brine and Ceia—led by 2014 Coastal New England Rising Star Restaurateur Nancy Batista-Caswell. There, he was also able to use his pastry and savory skills in tandem to help launch the Caswell Restaurant Group’s 15-course “Culinary Opus Dinner Series.” By the time he arrived at The Four Seasons Hotel Boston, Daly was not only a polished pastry professional, he was fulfilling a career goal, working at the helm of one of the top pastry operations in the city and proving to himself he’d truly found his home. In 2015, Daly earned a StarChefs Rising Star Hotel Pastry Chef Award for his work.