Mixologist Michael Callahan of 28 HongKong Street - Biography


April 2013
A Hawaii native, Mixologist Michael Callahan got his start as a mixologist far from home, while working as a barista in New York City’s World Trade Center in the late 90's. A regular patron offered him a start in her restaurant’s bar, and it was love at first shift. After gaining a foundation on the East Coast, Callahan headed west and began racking up experience in such San Francisco institutions as Azul, Rickhouse, and Gitane. He became an active cocktail advocate, launching a travelling seminar series called Libations Laboratories, and acting as an ambassador for premium drinks company Diageo. In 2011, Callahan won the United States Bartenders’ Guild Cocktail World Cup competition with his “Fugutini.” Later that year, Callahan left behind the bustling mixology milieu of the Bay Area for the unexplored territory of Singapore. In his position as a partner and lead bartender at 28 HongKong Street, Callahan is shaking things up on the steamy island-state by recruiting bar talent from around the globe, turning sourcing on its head, leading Singapore’s most innovative ice program, and serving a mean repertoire of cocktails.