Mixologist Michael Anderson of St. Charles Exchange - Biography

Lousiville, KY

February 2014

Now beverage manager at St. Charles Exchange, Michael Anderson has been a figure in the Kentucky restaurant industry for the better part of a decade. Getting his start as a waiter for Le Bistro in Lexington in 2005, Anderson worked his way up the ranks, next as a captain at Vincenzo’s in Louisville and a server at Proof on Main.

Clearly happy within hospitality, the business marketing major also had more savvy to offer, moving into management at Sapporo Japanese Grill and Volare Italian Restaurant before seguing into the beverage world. Working as beverage supervisor at The Seelbach Hilton before making his next move to St. Charles Exchange, Anderson also got his Introductory Sommelier Certificate from the Court of Master Sommeliers, and was BarSmarts Advanced Certified (with Top Score Distinction) in 2013.

Passionate about spirits, liquid, and all things beverage, Anderson has worked his way through the top ranks of several spirits competitions, ranking second place in the Campari National Aperitivo Competition (Portland, 2013) and ranking Champion two years in a row at the Louisville Bourbon Cocktail Competition.