Rising Star Chef Max Hull of Mei Mei - Biography

Boston, MA

March 2015

At just three years in the kitchen, Max Hull is the relative new guy on the Boston restaurant scene; but he’s already made quite an impression. Before Beantown, he made a pit-stop at Serendipity Catering in Ithaca, New York, where he got accustomed to kitchen flow and picked up the proper lingo. Following that mere month and a half, Hull made the move to Boston with then girlfriend Irene Li where Li’s siblings, Andy and Margaret, were undertaking a new food truck start-up, Mei Mei. Mei Mei proved so successful the Li’s eventually opened a brick and mortar location and that is where Hull currently presides, along with Irene, even though the two have parted ways romantically. At Mei Mei, Hull focuses on locally-sourced modern Chinese-American cuisine. Although his time on the food scene has been brief, his plates show a refined sense of flavor and sophisticated technique, ripe for growth. In 2015, Hull earned a StarChefs Rising Star Concept Chef Award for his work at Mei Mei.