Chef Matthew Dolan of Twenty-Five Lusk - Biography

San Francisco, CA

December 2012

Chef Matthew Dolan has been working since 14 years old, starting as a dishwasher and fry cook at a casual restaurant in Connecticut, and he’s never looked back. Officially schooling at the Culinary Institute of America and schooling hard knocks-style with “salty old European chefs,” Dolan took his first plunge into the chef world at Café des Artistes in New York. He then went on to work with Emeril Lagasse just as the now-famous New Orleans chef was finding his stride, an experience that helped further refine Dolan’s technique.

Dolan has traveled extensively, having staged in France and worked in kitchens from Nantucket to Helsinki, Finland, where he said he developed a profound appreciation for seasonality and freshness. But it was in San Francisco that he made his biggest mark to date, first as executive chef at Garibaldi’s and then in 2010 opening Twenty Five Lusk with former culinary school pal (and now general manager) Chad Bourdon. It’s at that restaurant, which was three years in the making, that Dolan continues to develop what he calls “approachable fine dining.”