Brewer Matt Tarpey of The Veil - Biography

Richmond, VA

October 2018

When Matt Tarpey grew tired of touring the country with his metal band, he searched for a more stable career. He applied to be a fireman and did some construction work before discovering local brewery O’Connor Brewing Co. in his native Norfolk, Virginia in 2010. After volunteering to help with the brewing process for six months, he was asked to join the team as a full-time brewer. He then moved to New Hampshire and started working at Portsmouth Brewery for Tod Mott, who he cites as one of his mentors.

In December 2012, Tarpey started working at The Alchemist, makers of popular double IPA Heady Topper. Through a connection made at a beer conference, he apprenticed with Jean Van Roy at Cantillon, a brewery in Belgium whose lambics have been rated some of the best in the world. His next move brought him to Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro, Vermont, which was voted “Best Brewery in the World” by in 2013. In 2015, Tarpey moved back to Virginia and began plans to open his own brewery, The Veil Brewing Co., with partners Dustin Durrance and Dave Michelow. The production facility, tasting room, and warehouse opened in April 2016, and has been so popular that it is expanding to a new location in South Richmond and another in Norfolk.