Chef Mark Zeitouni of Lido Restaurant and Bayside Grill - Biography

Miami Beach , FL

May 2011

Chef Mark Zeitouni is in charge of the kitchen at The Standard Miami. His culinary approach is inspired by the bathing cultures of the Mediterranean. The food is healthy, sun-kissed, wholesome and natural. He meticulously executes menus with an emphasis on high quality and organic meats and fish, olive oil, fresh herbs, unprocessed foods, grill cooking and organic and bio-dynamic wines. This philosophy of living and eating well are an integral part of the Mediterranean cultures from to Turkey to Greece, Italy and the South of France. Using that philosophy as a base, Chef Zeitouni then adds modern layers to the menu with Raw Vegan dishes and options for most current diets.

Mark honed his culinary skill in some of the best kitchens in Miami and San Francisco. In San Francisco, Mark developed a great appreciation for local foods and wines available while working around the bay area. His use of these natural products and culinary techniques brought him national acclaim. That work gained the respect of his patrons as well as the culinary press, who awarded him the Rising Star Award by the San Francisco Chronicle in 2000. The menu at The Standard highlights foods that work well with most contemporary diets and allows the diner to take an interactive roll in the composition of their daily nutritional needs.

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