Sommelier Mark Mendoza of Sona - Biography

Los Angeles, CA

July 2012

Mark Mendoza always had an interest in wine. He originally thought about working on the production side, maybe even having his own vineyard, but the pervasive chemistry convinced him he might do better on the restaurant side of things. Mendoza went from California restaurants Vertigo to Farallon, eventually landing the position of head sommelier at 2003 Rising Star Chef David MyersSona. Mendoza enjoys wine from Burgundy and various regions in Austria, as well a certain expressions of California Pinot Noir. But his approach to pairing is creative and opening minded—he’ll even pair a dish with a cocktail if it suits the flavor profile. Mendoza’s wine list at Sona displays a good balance of Old and New World wines, and his pairings intermittently play with complimentary and contrasting flavors.