Mario Hiraldo Regalado of Brindisa Ltd. - Biography


August 2013

Over the course a 17 year career, Mario Hiraldo Regalado has evolved into a master of all things Ibérico. In fact his official title is Master Carver and Ham Controller, and it’s a title Regalado takes seriously as he plies his skills as an ambassador of that technique and tradition all over the world.

Not that Regalado works narrowly. His duties at Brindisa Ltd. include everything from managing carving stations within retail sites to promoting larger scale carving events to working with managers to support and implement proper ham carving training techniques. The goal, in every aspect of his work, is to maintain and present jamón at its utmost integrity.

Regalado’s expertise is not restrictive, however. He studied sports science, earning a physical education degree, as well as a bachelor’s in psychopedagogy from Huevla University in Spain. But his passion and profession have landed him squarely in the grand traditions of Spanish jamón, with posts as Master Carver for Turismo Andaluz S.A. and D.O.P. Jamón de Huelva, respectively. His work with Turismo Andaluz took him all over Europe, and while working with Jamón de Huelva, Regalado was able to promote and share his product at international food fairs such as Alimentaria, SIAL, and Gourmet-Madrid. His current work at Brindisa finds him importing authentic Spanish jamón and even teaching hands-on classes to rapt audiences in the United Kingdom and worldwide.