Rising Star Pastry Chef Malcolm Livingston II of wd~50 - Biography

New York, NY

April 2013

By the end of high school, Bronx native Malcolm Livingston II began showing a keen interest in the culinary field, so he enrolled in the former Culinary Art Institute of New York City. Two years later Livingston graduated with an associate’s degree in culinary and restaurant management.

After graduation, Livingston wasted no time and threw himself into the intense work environment of Sirio Maccioni’s Le Cirque, beginning his career as the youngest kitchen staff member in one of New York City’s most iconic restaurants. Livingston spent the next year under the supervision of Pastry Chef Regis Monges, where he learned and mastered both classical and modern technique. He then moved to Per Se to work for Pastry Chefs Richard Capizzi and Sebastien Rouxel both of whom became future mentors.

But it was at an offsite event that Livingston met his future boss, Chef Alex Stupak. Livingston secured a week-long stage at wd~50, and three months after his short stage, Stupak asked him to fill the pastry sous chef vacancy, which Livingston quickly accepted. One year later, after Stupak left to open his own restaurant, Livingston assumed the role of head pastry chef. As his wd~50 predecessors have led the way in pastry innovation, Livingston continues to push the envelopes of traditional desserts, thriving in the restaurant’s collaborative boundless kitchen. In 2013, Livingston was named 2013 StarChefs.com Rising Star Pastry Chef.