Chef Luisa DeGirolamo of Piping Rock Club - Biography

Locust Valley, NY

September 2011

It’s not impossible that baking cookies with mom or helping grandma stir the “gravy” could turn into a wildly passionate career in food. But for Luisa DeGirolamo, the career revelation born of these early experiences wouldn’t become clear until the birth of her own daughter, Christina. This was her time to become something more than a partying, fast-food hocking teenager, who couldn’t stand community college. After giving birth, DeGirolamo decided it was time to concentrate on picking a good career for the sake of herself and her baby’s future.

DeGirolamo’s first pastry job was at a local, highly popular Italian bakery, where she started behind the counter before moving up to cutting and rolling cookie dough. Meanwhile, she attended a nine-month culinary program and received her associates degree in Baking and Culinary Arts.

DeGirolamo then went on to work at the Garden City Hotel and Jacqueline’s Patisserie, before getting her first executive job at the Mill River Club as their pastry chef. Creating menus, overseeing food cost and inventory control, and managing limitations reshaped DeGirolamo’s outlook on the culinary world. Today, she is a proud single mom and passionate chef at the Piping Rock Club in Locust Valley, NY