Consultant Lisa Granik of TastingWorks - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

July 2012

Lisa Granik’s curriculum vitae is daunting. A Georgetown graduate, Fulbright Scholar in Russia and Georgia, and recipient of both law and masters degrees from Yale, Granik has clearly done her fair share of studying, and then some. Indeed, it was while converting her dissertation into a book manuscript that Granik realized she needed a career change.

Fortunately, the perspicacity that served her so well in academia translated nicely to another of Granik’s passions: wine. With a world of grapes, vintners, and vintages to make acquaintance with—not to mention the nuanced chemistry of wine production itself—Granik was more than prepared. In 2006, she became one of the several hundred Masters of Wine in the world (at the time, there were only 299).

Never one to let a résumé go unchanged for too long, Granik founded Tastingworks in 2010. The company offers management consulting services to wineries and wine-related businesses, and she frequently wine seminars for law firms and corporations. But Tastingworks isn’t the end of the line; Granik shares her savvy generously. She’s a columnist for Sommelier Journal, technical editor of The Professional Wine Reference, and a frequent contributor for The World of Fine Wine. She regularly judges wine competitions, teaches at the International Wine Center, and holds tasting seminars for wine professionals. Granik, who is a coveted Master of Wine, also has received the Villa Maria Award (2006) and the Thomas Jefferson Award in Wine from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (2008).