Chef Lisa Dupar of Pomegranate Bistro - Biography

Redmond, WA

July 2011

Chef and Cookbook Author Lisa Dupar’s inspiration has always been a mix of the hometown and haute (after all, she’s Southern gal who can’t resist a glass of Champagne and a plate of friend chicken). And she’s earned a reputation for creating food inspired by her Southern roots while honoring classic techniques and local ingredients. Those roots extend from Mexico City, where Dupar was born, to Atlanta, Georgia, where her family moved in the early 1960s, and her childhood summers running wild with cousins in Charleston, South Carolina.

Always certain she would be a chef, Dupar went straight from high school to a culinary apprenticeship at the Westin’s Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta. But she wasn’t just a hometown cook; Dupar followed her culinary dreams all the way to Zurich, Switzerland and worked in kitchens in Europe until the early 1980s. When she was offered a position in 1981 at the Westin Seattle, Dupar ventured west, becoming the hotel chain’s first female chef.  And in 1984, she opened her first restaurant, Southern Accents, which focused on Southern classics like shrimp and grits. 

Lisa Dupar Catering was the next addition to the chef’s success, followed in 2005 by Pomegranate Bistro, a casual restaurant outside of Seattle, which she lovingly calls her “culinary playground”—the chef and her team have fun at the bistro, developing new recipes and surprising guests with inventive and playful dishes. In 2010, Dupar penned her first cookbook Fried Chicken & Champagne: A Romp through the Kitchen at Pomegranate Bistro, which earned her the IACP Julia Child Award in June 2011.