Sommelier Leo Schneemann of KG-NY Group - Biography

New York, NY

July 2012

Leopold Schneemann was born in Vorau, Austria and studied restaurant management at the Hotelfachschule Oberwart, a hospitality college in Oberwart, Austria. After graduation, he worked in a series of high-end restaurants before starting his sommelier training as an assistant sommelier at Obauer Restaurant in Werfen, Austria, and in the vineyards at Seppi Landmann winery in Soulzmatt, France.

Schneemann returned to Vienna and worked as a sommelier for two years at Restaurant Steiereck, which is especially noted for its wine inventory. Schneemann’s globe-trotting sommelier work continued at Fischerzunft Restaurant in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and then on Crystal Cruises.

In January 2009, Schneemann came to the United States to work with Austrian Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner to develop a wine inventory to match the Austrian menu and coordinate events at Café Sabarsky. This included a showcase Austrian of wines, and in particular, those of winemaker Willi Brundlmayer.

Schneemann taught a course at De Gustibus, one of the world’s top cooking schools, with Gutenbrunner and is member of the American Sommelier Association. He continues to collaborate regularly with representatives of the Austrian wine industry and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in New York to further the reputation of contemporary Austrian cuisine and wine.