Bartender Leanne Favre of Clover Club - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

October 2019

Born and raised in New York, Leanne Favre was inspired by the beauty and complexities of the city, both in its landscape and its cocktails. Pursuing her original passion for architecture and design, Favre attended the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, working at local bars along the way. Study abroad stays in Brazil, China, and Italy, followed by road trips through Mexico and the Carribean, allowed Favre to develop an affinity for international spirits, especially mezcal.

Favre began her beverage career working in coffee, training her palate to appreciate a well balanced drink. With a taste for the bitter and aromatic, Favre fell in love with amaro, followed by fortified wines, then whisky, then finally tequila, which drew her to her first cocktail job at Mayahuel in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. 

For six years Favre has been mixing cocktails at celebrated bars Mayahuel, Leyenda, and Clover Club. In 2018, she won the High River Sauces Booze & Infuse Cocktail Competition and the New York D.O. Cava Mixology Competition. In 2019, Favre climbed the ranks of the United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG) World Class competition. She first won in New York and then beat out other competitors in the northeast region to reach the final 15 and win “The House Cocktail Challenge.”