Rising Star Chef Laurence Jossel of Nopa - Biography

San Francisco, CA

November 2011

2007 San Francisco Rising Star Chef Laurence Jossel got into the restaurant business as a teenager, dishwashing, bussing tables, and waiting on them. By the time he was 18 he knew that food was his passion and enrolled at the Culinary Academy in San Francisco to get behind the line. After school Jossel spent time at La Folie and The Dining Room at The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco under Gary Danko. From there Jossel opened Kokkari, Chez Nous, and finally Chow, where he met the partners for his current project: NOPA. Together with fiancée Allyson Woodman and Jeff Hanak, Jossel has built a neighborhood restaurant that’s making simple, hearty, accessible food with local ingredients and a focus on sustainability. You won’t see it advertised on the menu because part of his philosophy is to carry out his philosophy without making a fuss. Dishes like his simple but perfectly executed White Beans with Feta and Oregano do the talking. But behind-the-scenes at NOPA, menus are recycled, food waste is composted, and absolutely all the ingredients are organic. Jossel sets the standard very high when it comes to sustainability, committed to leaving the smallest imprint possible as a restaurant.