Bartender Lauren Corriveau of Nitecap - Biography

New York, NY

October 2018

Lauren Corriveau left her hometown of Canandaigua, New York, for Manhattan at 17. She completed a degree in fashion, all the while working as a bartender to help pay for school. After graduating, she spent a few years working in interior design and jewelry—without considering bartending as a potential career. This all changed when she was approached to help open Battery Harris in Williamsburg.

After seeing everything that went into opening a bar, Corriveau realized how her experience in retail and design could translate to working in hospitality full-time. She then moved to breezy Brooklyn cocktail hub Donna, where she met beverage director Jeremy Oertel. Oertel was the soon-to-be husband of Natasha David, a StarChefs Rising Star bartender, and partner of Lower East Side cocktail bar Nitecap. Corriveau had been admiring David on Instagram, going so far as to call her a “personal BeyoncĂ©” in an interview with Punch. Corriveau is now head bartender at Nitecap, and her cocktails have been featured in publications, including Eater, Grub Street, and the New York Post.

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