Rising Star Bartender Laura Unterberg of The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club - Biography

Nashville, TN

May 2022

Before Laura Unterberg was ever making cocktails, she was brewing coffee as a barista in Richmond, Virginia. She quickly realized that waking up at 5 a.m. for work was a tall task for a teenager, so when she started studying at Virginia Commonwealth University, Unterberg became a server at The Jefferson Hotel instead. She bothered the barbacks until they let her take on a shift and was promoted to bartender by the end of the year. With Richmond’s bar scene booming, Unterberg moved on from the high-end hotel bar to work at Sabai, which specialized in historical tiki cocktails. In 2017, she joined the opening team of mezcal-centric Mexican restaurant, Bar Flora, before becoming a bartender at Rising Stars alum Brittanny Anderson’s Alpine-inspired Brenner Pass. 

Unterberg made the move to New York City in 2019 to help a friend open Long Island watering hole Cork and Kerry and launch holiday-themed pop-up Miracle at bars across the Big Apple. Eager to put down roots in a new city, Unterberg moved to Nashville and found a home at The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club. Now as bar manager, Unterberg prepares twists on classic cocktails, layering flavors and blending spirits to make drinks that are fun, because she believes that’s how drinks should be.