Chef Kymberli DeLost of Japonais - Biography

Chicago, IL

September 2011

If you had asked Kymberli DeLost what she was going to be 10 years ago, the last thing she would have said was pastry chef. DeLost has always lived on challenges, doing whatever she could to be the best at whatever she did, from art to marathons and pastry. Adopted by a military family, DeLost spent much of her childhood moving from place to place with her family. From that experience alone, she learned to accept responsibility and adapt to change without a second thought, a skill which translated easily to pastry.

Just a year before graduating from DePaul University, DeLost realized that even though the path she was on would have been easier, it didn’t intrigue her as much as the craft of food and art. So she turned her focus on culinary school.

When it came time to find and externship after culinary school, an opportunity to work in pastry at Japonais in Chicago fell at DeLost’s feet, and she snatched it up. Knowing little of pastry and less of Asian cuisine, she spent all of her free time in the kitchen or researching and cooking my way through books and blogs. After just a few months, DeLost was promoted to pastry chef, a position she’s held for several years, meeting challenges, learning, and teaching.

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