Rising Star Kyleen Keenan of Not Your Sugar Mama's - Biography

Martha's Vineyard, MA

March 2014

Holistic nutrition and finance majors aren’t often at the same power networking lunches. Fortunately for fans of Not Your Sugar Mamas, Bennett Coffey and Kyleen Keenan were on (sort of) colliding paths. After graduating from college and spending some soul-searching time in Hawaii, Coffey earned her certificate as a holistic nutrition counselor from the Institute for Integrative Health in New York City. Keenan, meanwhile, had earned a finance degree and was working abroad in Argentina with young entrepreneurs from around South America, which helped her develop an interest in sustainable business practices.

By the time they met, Not Your Sugar Mamas was almost inevitable. Coffey was ready to produce raw and health-conscious chocolate and chocolate bars, and Keenan was ready to build a business with a conscience. And while the business didn’t happen overnight (they started with a small shop in Coffey’s parents’ kitchen), they now have two retail locations and a dedicated audience vibing off the delights of raw chocolate and cookies—goods that are available at 85 locations across New England, New York, and as far west as Oklahoma and Iowa. In 2014, the duo earned a StarChefs Rising Star Concept Chef Award for Not Your Sugar Mamas.