Chef Kyle Knall of Maysville - Biography

New York, New York

August 2013

Birmingham native Kyle Knall began cooking professionally at 16 when he followed his siblings to the local restaurant where they worked. But it wasn’t until he followed his brother once more to Birmingham’s Daniel George that Knall fell deeply in love with cooking, going straight to culinary school while maintaining his shifts in the kitchen. Next came influential posts under Chef Frank Stitt at Highlands and Chez Fonfon, where Knall learned passion for ingredients and proper technique and, by 20, became sous chef.

Not long after graduation, Knall tackled New York City. Armed only with a list of restaurants from Stitt, he ended up at Gramercy Tavern, working for Michael Anthony for four and a half years and acting as sous chef for the final two. Knall was eventually called away by fate (and a mutual friend) to take the helm of Sean Joseph’s critically acclaimed Maysville.