Barista Kyle Glanville of G & B Coffee - Biography

Los Angeles, CA

May 2014

As a high school dropout in Carmel, California, Kyle Glanville was faced with an ultimatum given to him by his mother: work or move out. So, he went out and got the only job he could as a teenager, a gig at a coffee shop. On his days off, Glanville visited his older sister in Seattle where he witnessed the growth of the Third Wave coffee scene of the 90s. Glanville loved what he tasted in Seattle and was enthralled by the work of the skilled baristas. He eventually moved to Seattle to pursue a career in acting and started to work at Vitrola Coffee Roasters to support his theatrical endeavors. As time went on, Glanville realized that he was more eager to learn about coffee than he was about acting. When Vitrola started to roast their own beans, he made it his mission in life to learn everything he could about the process.

Glanville was at the World Baristas Conference the day after he left Vitrola when he ran into Doug Zell of Intelligentsia Coffee. Zell proposed that they bring craft coffee to Los Angeles and Glanville agreed, whole heartedly. He adopted Los Angeles as his new home and worked at Intelligentsia in Venice, California. Glanville then moved on to open G&B Coffee and Go Get ‘Em Tiger with partner Charles Babinski, a fellow Intelligentsia alumnus.