Brewer Kristie Nystedt of Raleigh Brewing Company - Biography

Raleigh, NC

December 2013

Kristie co-owns Raleigh Brewing with her husband Patrick—both are second careerers. Kristie quit her job in corporate America to plunge head first into the brewing business, while Patrik, an airline pilot, is eager to retire so that they both can focus on their rapidly expanding beer company. Kristie and Patrik have found it difficult to keep up with demand for their beer since they opened Mach 9, 2013. During the summer of 2013 they projected exceeding their initial expectations of selling 2,000 to 2,500 barrels in their first year, and are already on 40 different taps throughout Raleigh. Patrik brings his technical expertise and commitment to quality and excellence to every beer Raleigh Brewing Company makes. The brewery is also a pub, too, with plenty outdoor space and has classrooms for beer tasting and seminars. They also consult and sell home and industrial brewing equipment.