Chef Kris Morningstar of Ray's and Stark Bar - Biography

Los Angeles, CA

March 2014

Kris Morningstar’s interest in food was piqued as a child, growing up in Southern California and watching his father prepare nightly dinners for the family. Eventually Morningstar took the reigns in the family kitchen and created elaborate meals for holidays and special occasions. After high school, Morningstar chose to study marketing at the University of Maryland. But his interest in marketing fizzled, and the pull of the kitchen drew him back to California and the Cordon Bleu-affiliated California School of Culinary Arts.

Since graduating, Morningstar has gone on to work with Chefs Suzanne Goin at A.O.C., Jason Travi at Opaline, and Neal Fraser at Grace. Morningstar next worked at Michelin-starred Patina with Chef Joachim Splichal, Blue Velvet, CASA, and Mercantile. When word of a new undertaking from the Patina restaurant group got around in 2011, Morningstar was a favorite in the running for the coveted executive chef position at Ray’s and Stark Bar. He snagged the job and collaborated with Spichal on the Mediterranean influenced, farm-to-table menu.