Rising Star Chef Kevin Rathbun of Rathbun’s - Biography

Atlanta, GA

November 2011

2007 Atlanta Rising Star Chef Kevin Rathbun developed a passion for cooking at a young age and entered the restaurant scene working as a young apprentice at age 14. From there he worked his way up, spending nearly 30 years watching and learning before opening finally opening his own restaurant, Rathbun’s, in 2004. Since then he’s opened two more – Krog Bar, a miniscule bar with dark wood, good cheese, charcuterie and wine,and Kevin Rathbun Steak – in the same industrial area in East Atlanta, effectively turning an off-the-beaten-path area into a vibrant, multi-faceted dining enclave.

Rathbun worked as a sous at Bradley Ogden’s American Restaurant in Kansas City and at Brennan’s of Houston in Texas. He then worked with Emeril Lagasse at Commanders Palace in New Orleans, and later with Stephan Pyles at Baby Routh in Dallas. In 1995 he teamed up with Atlanta chef/restaurateur Pano Karatassos to bring Southwestern cuisine to Atlanta with NAVA. In 1999 the two opened the Asian-inspired Bluepointe, and for the next four years was the corporate executive chef for the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group. When it came time for Rathbun to open his own place, he had the years of experience and culinary/business savvy to do it right. Since 2004 he’s opened three restaurants in three years, and changed the Atlanta dining scene in the process.