Pastry Chef Kei Okumura of Sugarbird Sweets and Tea - Biography

Los Angeles, CA

April 2014

Kei Okumura left her hometown of Los Angeles while pursuing a career in film production to attend L’Ecole Superieiure de Cuisine Francaise in Paris. Graduating at the top of her class, Okumura went on to train at some of the top Michelin starred restaurants in Paris.

After returning to Los Angeles, Okumura honed her craft at various restaurants and bakeries, while creating bespoke desserts and confections for her friends and family. Word spread quickly and Okumura soon expanded her creations to include private clients and restaurants, which in turn led to the creation of Sugarbird Sweets. She expanded her vision with an exclusive line of artisanal teas, offering custom blends to pair and compliment all sweet occasions, leading to the beginnings of Sugarbird Sweets & Teas in 2009 at the farmer's market in South Pasadena.

Five years later, Okumura has created a repertoire full of exotic spices, seasonal fruits, teas, and surprising textures. Her years of traveling and immersing herself in the culinary cultures of Japan, France, and the United States have resulted in the Franco-Japonese essence which defines her simple, sophisticated confectionaries and which drives her continually growing business.