Sommelier Kate Moore of L'Espalier - Biography

Boston, MA

September 2010

For Sommelier Kate Moore, wine isn’t just a beverage, it’s a journey in a glass. And that’s apt, since Moore first discovered her own love of wine while studying abroad in Munich and Avignon. Since returning home with her newfound thirst for wine, Moore has made her professional mark in Boston’s tight-knit sommelier community, working in many of the city’s top restaurants and hotels before assuming her current position at the beloved L’Espalier. A passionate food lover with a collection of over 500 cookbooks and a knack for homemade charcuterie, Moore pairs wines from the restaurant’s extensive cellar with as much respect for experimentation as she has for classic pairings. When she’s not pairing for L’Espalier’s 12- to 14-course tasting menus, Moore teaches a class on cocktail pairing and preparation.

Her perfect food and wine pairing? Butter-poached lobster and black walnuts with Vin Jaune from Arbois.