Butcher Kari Underly of Muscolo Meat Academy - Biography

Chicago, IL

September 2015

Kari Underly is a third generation master butcher, who was introduced to the craft by her father at Underly’s Market in Indiana. If it’s not enough that Underly carved her way through the ranks to master butcher in a primarily male-dominated field, she’s also a teacher, author, and businesswoman. Underly is the James Beard-nominated author of The Art of Beef Cutting, principal of Range, Inc. (a fresh-meat industry consultancy founded in 2002), and the founder of Muscolo Meat Academy, her most ambitious project to date. Underly’s students are trained in whole animal butchery and charcuterie, and learn the business principles required to successfully run a butcher shop. Additionally, she is the resident meat expert at the Independent Grocers Alliance Coca-Cola Institute, where she trains and educates meat staff, butchers, and chefs.

Underly’s work may be seen in the many “cuts of meat” posters on the walls of butcher shops and restaurants across the country. As part of the Beef Checkoff Program, she has been instrumental in creating and popularizing cuts such as the flat iron, sierra cut, Denver cut, petite tender, and chuck eye country-style ribs. Although Underly performs many different roles, her favorite is that of an educator. Along with her book and school, Underly travels the nation giving lectures, teaching seminars, and training the next generation of chefs and charcutiers in the art of butchery.