Pastry Chef Kanako Baba of Nobu at Atlantis at The Palm - Biography


October 2018

Pastry Chef Kanako Baba’s parents are both designers and inspired their daughter from a young age to use creativity and imagination in everyday life. Choosing to express herself through pastry, Baba studied the art at Nihon Confectionery College in Tokyo, where she became an assistant from 2007 to 2010. Having fallen in love with French pastry, she moved to Colombes, France, where she was pastry chef of Patisserie et Gourmandises for St├ęphane Glacier, M.O.F. There she learned the seasonality of Western pastry—chocolates during Easter, ice cream and sorbet in the summer, and decorative cakes for Christmas.

Baba then moved to Lyon to work at Restaurant Aromatic, where she accommodated more patrons with food allergies, dietary restrictions, and a desire for healthier alternatives. She carried those experiences to Dubai as the pastry chef at the Royal Connoisseur Cafe. In her current role as pastry chef at Nobu Atlantis at the Palm in Dubai, she melds Japanese and French influences to make sweets with healthier ingredients.  

In 2008 and 2009, Baba competed in a Japanese junior pastry competition and took home gold and silver awards for sugar art, modeling, and entremets with chocolate. In October 2018, Baba will compete against seven of the world’s top pastry chefs in the Valrhona C3 International Final at StarChefs Congress.