Chef Justin Warner of Do or Dine - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

April 2013

Justin Warner of Hagerstown, Maryland was first inspired to cook from his father. He gained restaurant experience working the front of the house, but quickly found more creative outlets in the kitchen. Warner appeared in Food Network’s 24 Hour Restaurant Battle in 2010 and won The Next Food Network Star in 2012. He now hosts the Food Network’s show Rebel Eats, where he hits the road to seek our America’s culinary rebels. Working his way to Captain at Danny Meyer’s The Modern, Warner—and fellow Modern employee George McNeese—dreamed up a unique spin toward New York dining while waiting tables. Opening in 2011, Warner and McNeese stepped into the kitchen to open Do or Dine, an avant-garde semi-in-your-face restaurant where dish conception starts with a pun and figuring out how to eat it.