Mixologist Julie Reiner of Clover Club - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

June 2013

The New York cocktail scene wouldn’t be the same without Julie Reiner. She has been elevating the state of mixology in Manhattan for the last decade, most notably with the opening of the Flatiron Lounge in 2003, followed by Pegu Club in 2005, Brooklyn’s Clover Club in 2008, and her latest venture, Lani Kai in 2010.

As co-owner and beverage director of the Flatiron Lounge, Reiner draws much of her inspiration from her native Hawaii, utilizing the freshest fruits and top quality spices and spirits available in her cocktails—to present what she calls “new age tropical.” Reiner’s beverage program at the Clover Club is focused on classics, but as always with her signature style of ultimate quality and fresh farmers market ingredients.

Reiner began her career in the cocktail lounges of San Francisco and made her way to New York City in 1997. She caught the interest of the King of Cocktails himself, Dale DeGroff, who has been a mentor to her since. Reiner began installing beverage programs in some hot spots around Manhattan and by May of 2003, with the opening of Flatiron Lounge, she had fulfilled her dream of opening her own gourmet cocktail lounge.