Rising Star Artisan Josh Gertzen and Gerry Kim of Frozen Matter - Biography

Denver, CO

March 2017

Gerry Kim and Josh Gertzen eased out of their successful careers in the corporate sector and into a world of frozen desserts. Kim practiced as a regulatory attorney for eight years and Gertzen worked as a software engineer. There simply weren’t any truly exceptional, homemade ice creams in Denver, though. Having developed a serious pastime in pastries and coming from rather detail-oriented fields, they knew they could enter the swirl and master the craft.

Kim and Gertzen attended the oldest ice cream school in the world at Pennsylvania State University and graduated as part of the school’s 123rd class. Back in Denver, they launched Frozen Matter in February 2016, state licensed dairy plant. Frozen Matter custom-designs and painstakingly tests their ice cream bases to accommodate their mix-ins—from organic strawberries to pineapple-peppercorn crumble. Through this process, they can enhance the characteristics of the mix-ins for amazing tasting and finely textured ice creams.
Just a few months after Kim and Gertzen opened, they launched Retrograde, a discreet craft cocktail bar accessible through a “walk-in cooler door” at the back of the Frozen Matter parlor,  and they have big plans for their ice cream with more Frozen Matter shops slated to open across Denver.