Mixologist Josh Burbank of Jax Fish House - Biography

Denver, CO

June 2012

Barman Josh Burbank has worked as a mixologist in Colorado for eight years, during which time he’s had the privilege of working underneath some of the most talented minds the Colorado cocktail scene has to offer. For three years Burbank studied under James Lee, recently named “One of the Top 10 Mixologists of the Year” by Playboy Magazine. Under Lee, Burbank learned to "build cocktails, layer flavors, and to attack the pallet."

Burbank later moved to Denver and had the fortune of working with Tim Harris, who has been nominated “Best Bartender in Denver” on several occasions. With Harris, Burbank inherited the knowledge of how to become the ultimate host, and learned what being a bartender truly means in its most basic form. Now an authority in his own right at Jax Fish House in Denver, Burbank preaches "the importance of studying the art of mixology while never forgetting what tending a bar is at its purest. You are hosting a party. The drinks should only enhance the experience and the atmosphere had better return the favor. "