Mixologist Jonny Raglin of Comstock Saloon - Biography

San Francisco, CA

November 2011

Oklahoma native and 2007 San Francisco Rising Star Mixologist Jonny Raglin began his career by taking a job at local Cajun restaurant Pearls Oyster Bar when his two best friends agreed to show him the bartending ropes. When he graduated from college in 1999, Raglin decided to move to Europe and wound up on the west coast of Ireland in Galway. He started off lugging heavy kegs of Guinness around Irish pubs and ended up working in a bookstore. Raglin moved to Santa Rosa, California, and bartended in Bodega Bay at a small bar stocked with high-end cognacs, single malts, grappas and the like. There, under the careful guidance of mentor Luigi Lezzi, Raglin learned the proper art of espresso drinks and his curiosity for the bottles behind the bar was piqued.

In early 2001, Raglin moved to San Francisco and got the bartending break of a lifetime at Stars Bar and Dining, the longest bar in the city with one of the most eclectic and well stocked bottle collections. There Raglin met influential mentor Dan McCracken who taught Raglin how to make proper cocktails with fresh juices and seasonal ingredients, and vastly increased his spirits and classic cocktail knowledge. When Stars Bar closed, Raglin took a part-time job at Incanto where Chef Chris Cosentino proved to be a valuable mentor, among other things helping him score local ingredients from the farmers markets. In 2004, Raglin found work at Absinthe, where he has developed culinary-like cocktails inspired by the classics under Rob Schwartz and Jeff Hollinger. He is currently at Comstock Saloon.