Sommelier Jonathan Ross of Eleven Madison Park - Biography

New York, NY

September 2013

Jonathan Ross is a New Jersey native, who’s worked on both sides of the Hudson for years. He grew up in a farm town in central New Jersey, and originally went to school for sports medicine. Ross caught the hospitality bug early on, and decided to study restaurant management at a local junior college while bartending. After spending a few years in some of the Garden State’s top restaurants, he moved to Manhattan, working on the management teams of Anthos, Mia Dona and Oceana. He also opened Uproot, in northern New Jersey with an old friend/chef from his earlier days of working in New Brunswick.

Jonathan joined the wine team at Eleven Madison Park in March of 2012, and hasn’t looked back. He first sat for the Master Sommelier exam in May of 2013, and plans to try again the next chance he gets. When not hitting the wine books, Ross enjoys skydiving and snowboarding.