Jonathan Baker of Monday Night Brewing - Biography

Atlanta, GA

May 2012

Jonathan Baker’s title at Monday Night Brewing is Master of Mind Control, which is a funny way of saying you should listen to his sermons on beer. Graduating from Emory University with a degree in marketing, Baker worked as a marketing and brand strategy consultant, handling branding for Carlsberg, Heineken, and Amstel Light, among other companies. After leaving that company, he helped to found start-up—not a bad day job, though he left in 2011 to turn back to beer.

As the lead marketing man at Monday Night Brewing, Baker has helped coined the brand’s slogan (“weekends are overrated”) and icon (a faceless suit-wearing businessman fist pumping), encapsulate Baker’s philosophy towards brewing: that it should be a fun release for the everyman. Along with partner Joel Iverson, he helped found Monday Night via a Bible study group, where both are strong believers that “Jesus was not anti-alcohol.” They brewed out of their garage, conducted impromptu focus groups there, and today have a stable of IPAs and Scotch ales that are finding a steady following in the Atlanta area.