Chef John Little - Biography

September 2016

He may have been one of Zagat’s “30 Under 30” for Denver, and worked for David Bouley, but John Little started out washing dishes for a local Westminster, Maryland diner because his buddy was doing the same—and making money. Little wanted in on the cash but found his career.

A full ride took him to Johnson & Wales University in Miami, then landed him as a cook in Norman Van Aken kitchen. Hopscotching from one influential scene to another, Little went to Blackberry Farm in Tennessee as a line cook for Chef de Cuisine Joseph Lenn—a perfect match for Little’s farm-to-table creativity. Not to mention, Blackberry is where Little met Ryan Hardy, who recruited him to Little Nell in what would be the chef’s new home state, Colorado. 

After working for Hard, Little took a job as the tour chef for country music singer Keith Urban, cooking three family meals, four days a week. Working under Mark Fischer brought Little to 689, The Pullman, and Harman’s Eat & Drink in Denver. And while Harman’s is shuttering thanks to Denver’s “high” popularity (and rents), the evolving, ultra-tight culinary community in the city will no doubt give the East Coast kid the platform to open his own place and put his stamp on the wild frontier of the Denver culinary scene.